Scary Bird

Scary Bird
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Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Going to Delete Myspace (Someday)

CAUTION: Using Myspace will transform you into this guy.
Last night I decided to check my Myspace page. I do this from time to time because someone will be under the ridiculous impression that I still use it. I'll discover that I have a new friend request - that I usually deny anyway - or someone - who I never talk to - has sent me a message titled "Hey," where they are either asking me a question that needed an answer three weeks ago, or have sent the same message to 200 other friends in a desperate attempt at finding someone on Myspace to talk to.

Yes, people really do that. I should know...I mean...

Right. So. I'm checking myspace. No messages. Cool. But I have it in my head that I will soon drop the website completely, but first need to go through my friends list to see if there is anyone I may want to take with me to Facebook or twitter. (You know, where the cool kids hang.) So, I find an old friends page - not going to say who and expose their uncoolness at this time- and click on their profile picture and - OH MY GOD, VIRUS!

To be honest, it was more like five viruses, but who's counting, anyway. A virus from myspace, in my book, is the last straw. Now, I'm really deleting my Myspace page...

Right? it "my Myspace" or "MYsp - " Nevermind.

So, then why haven't I deleted it? What's keeping me? I mean, my film Common look pretty cool on there. That's a positive. But, other than that, I think it has something to do with nostalgia for me. It's like that ratty, old t-shirt you just can't throw out, but, at the same time, are too embarrassed to wear in public. So, you just keep it in the closet and look at it every now and then, allowing it to work its magic and bring back a memory or two before you go about your business. Makes sense. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. I'm sure all of you have canceled the myspace pages that you never check, right? Yeah...

Furthermore, I get thoughts running through my head like "What if someone from myspace doesn't find me on Facebook or twitter?" or "What if myspace makes a comeback?" or finally "What if aliens invade Earth and suck out the brains from all those without a myspace page?"

I know. Those are all extremely valid concerns...

Anyway, here's the kicker. My good friend, John Johnson used to tell me that he would never come over to Facebook because he loved the way he could design his Myspace page and add music. He said it best allowed him to express his personality and Facebook was boring. Well, guess what? Today, John Johnson is on Facebook. (And, yes, again, that is his real name.) But what this means is, if John Johnson - the guy who is always 50 years behind a trend - left Myspace in the, oh, better not be caught dead there, loser!

Like I was.

But yeah. In conclusion:

Myspace is lame and I'm going to delete it...



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