Scary Bird

Scary Bird
Bird at Castle Howard - photo by Jeremy Fiest

Friday, October 8, 2010

1000 Words

Sure, I absolutely love the power of words. I'm a writer. But the poetic assembly of words into a narrative form is not simply where my great affinity for storytelling lives and dies. If fact, words are not even my primary source of inspiration -- images are.

Why? Because I'm a visual guy. But maybe it's just like they say -- images are worth 1000 words. Actually, yes, I'd argue that it is exactly like they say.

An image can tell an entire story within the moments of a single glance. Think about it. What story built only of words has this sort of simplistic power?


This may be why I'm so attracted to film and comics. In film, I use moving images to tell a story; however, I still see each shot as a still photo. In the moving shots I'll imagine two, three or ten still images as I continue to re-frame the shot. 

In comics, it's the combination of still images and text -- the two of the most fertile forms of communication coming together, in my opinion.

So, each day, as I'm wandering about, I notice a slew of inspiring images everywhere around me. As a writer, I can see an image, and within moments, have an entire storyline plotted out from start to finish. This is why I will spend hours online every now and then doing nothing but searching through images on Google. It's a great exercise if you're in need of a relaxing way to spend your evening.

In that time I'll find a multitude of images that will spark all sorts of grandiose creative stimulation, but I'll only keep the ones that I find exceptionally powerful -- in fact, I have an entire folder on my computer full of such images.

Well, you get the picture, I'm sure. (Pun intended.)

But just for good form, I did a quick search on the internet and pulled these 10 semi-random images. Each one of them told me a story and inspired me in some way. If they don't do the same for you, that's fine. That just means you need to go out and find your own.


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