Scary Bird

Scary Bird
Bird at Castle Howard - photo by Jeremy Fiest

Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven% ready for the San Diego Comic-Con

It's official: the first issue of Seven% is awesome.

And who's the authority to deem it as such?


...and this guy: #1 Supporter

Well, and you, too, of course. If you know what's good for you and your family, that is. Because my friend from above there would be more than happy to pay them a visit, and maybe even...pierce some things...

No, but seriously, it looks fantastic, and my fellow creators and I couldn't be more excited to pimp it around Comic-Con next week. We've printed a few hundred copies, so if you see us walking around, and are interested, stop us and ask to check one out.

We'll give you a back rub...well, Luke will.

I'll just watch.

Okay, enough blabbering. Here is the cover and the first 5 pages of the book. I've also added a couple more select pages to demonstrate the range of imagery in just the first issue.

Story by Luke Keith and Jeremy Fiest (Hi, how's it going?)
Written by Jeremy Fiest
Art by Jarreau Wimberly

And, here ya be...

I love you.

And a couple extra without dialogue or captions...

Friday, January 21, 2011


7% is an upcoming epic scifi project by creators Luke Keith and Jeremy Fiest (me, of course), creator and writer of Dawn of the Ninja. What follows is the first image for the project. This is a "teaser" of sorts.

Created by Luke Keith and Jeremy Fiest
Written by Jeremy Fiest

Concept artwork is done by the very beautiful, Marta de Andres.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

ISLAND TALES: Legend of Sirena

I had a lot of fun with this legend. The story is about a girl who transforms into a mermaid, so I thought it may be fun if we treated it like a werewolf transformation rather than making look like some enchanted process. Again, the art of Ray Dillon did not fail to go above and beyond.

The story is based on this LEGEND if you're interested in reading a bit about it.

I'm not posting any letters for this one because it will be paired with the other Island Tales story I posted below. If you want to read the rest you'll have to buy it...;)

You can keep up-to-date at the Island Tales website.

"Island Tales is a comic anthology based on folklore and mythology from the Pacific.  Some stories are adapted from traditional stories while others are modern retellings of the classics."

Some "Silicon Dragon"

Here are a few pages from the 200 page graphic novel I was commissioned to adapt from an existing movie treatment. This is our hero in the chair. I enjoy abusing protagonists; they ask for it, though, don't they? ;)

Art by Ray Dillon